I will Complete 6-10 Twine SSD and get you past structure limit problem.

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I will build, defend, and complete your last few remaining Twine Peaks SSD. You keep materials! Experienced and quality builder. I will get you past your structure limit problem, and you’ll have a base that’s super strong and practically afk. I’ll build with endurance in mind so you’ll have it about 90-95% ready to take on endurance, just need to make sure you have good stats to have a chance. ;) This will save you months of trial and error. This takes about 6-7+hours because I take my time and make sure it’s done right. If I built your base from twine 3 or below then I can give you a cheaper package as I would let you know.
  7 days delivery
I will complete the last 4 Twine Peaks StormShield Defense at your base. You keep all materials. Including what we tear down.
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