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-Hi, Im a grand champion in every game mode (mmr peak about 1930), have been top 100 in hoops and Im a experienced booster. I dont really have time to play ranked on my main account now but these were my ranks, so I think i could be higher than 1930 now, but I have never tried to get a better mmr seriously, so im trying now.

- I have enough knowledge about the game so I do coaching sessions too. I have been also a freestyler player for like years, but for personal themes I stopped playing so now Im 100% focused on carrying and improve myself because im new on pc. Im also good at mechanics (the best thing i can do in the game) as I have done freestyle for a long time and I usually like to hit beautiful goals.

- If you need a special offer, or you have any type of question, u can click the button that says “Contact seller”.

- I can play any game mode and u can choose a special quantity of hours too. No matter what platform you are (PC, XBOX, PS4 OR NINTENDO SWITCH)

- I do any type of services, I can boost your rank in any game mode, I can do coaching sessions (general coaching or focused on 1 only thing like mechanics, freestyle, positioning in 1s, 2s or 3s, replay analysis …) or a mix of both.

If im not online is because i am sleeping
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