I will Build Canny Endurance

I will build your base from scratch. These will be quality builds with quality traps. I will stay to ensure you get through wave 30/30 of your endurance. It’ll be 90-95% afk. You keep materials from tear down plus materials I build. Must have power level 60 minimum. Traps takes on your stats as I place traps and we leave then come back. But if you have minimum power level 60 this should not be an issue. I prefer to lay all traps right before we start. I have several people say my builds are better than anyone they’ve come across. So no double guessing on what kind of person your getting to do this. This takes around 6-7 hours to tear down and build, we can do it all at once or do builds one day and place traps the next right before we start. I only upgrade metal at critical spots to make sure husks stay on intended path. If you listen to my instructions we will win 1st time. My builds haven’t failed anyone on first attempt yet. :)
You get:
*all materials
*homebase to farm legendary/epic perk up, reperk, and millions of xp per farm(afk farming my builds)
*strong base
* no more headaches of trial and error for months!
*Llama and banner icon if you haven’t completed Endurance with a friend already.
*anywhere from 2-9 Million XP
  7 days delivery
I will build your Canny Valley Endurance Base from scratch(if necessary) (most time necessary) Then will carry you 30/30 free and clear at your base.
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