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Hello! I'm a semi-professional player currently playing for a non-paying org. I am willing to help you with understanding the game, your mistakes, what do u need to do to improve, or reduce ur mistakes :)
Basically you're just gonna get better at the game! :)
You can be sure of my reputation level by reading comments that players whom I've helped, already left :)
I am on a level of over 1900 mmr in SSL on 2v2 and 3v3, also over 1370 SSL on 1v1.
I've reached grand champ first time in season 7 and was trained by top tier players.
I play against pro's regularly, have beaten them and know how to compete at their level.
My peaks are:
2v2-1973 (SSL)
3v3-2015 (SSL)
1v1-1407 (SSL)
I've finished plenty of orders without any problems.
How will our session unfold?
It's simple, we will play some games with voice chat, or you can send me the replays u'd like me to analyze with you/your team.
I can teach you how to communicate well with your team, as it's one of the most important things :)
Region doesn't really matter, NA/EU whatever :)
Hopefully u are going to choose me as your coach!
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