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I am a grand champion in 3s 2s and 1s and been playing Rocket League since season 3 and have 4k hours overall . Average MMR each season - 1750!

I ve been also hitting clips for team InPlainSight and got GifYourGame gifgod status in their discord for making it into top10 of the 10k dollar contest. (Screenshot shown in the provided pictures)

I am probably the most experienced carry on this website as i ve been doing since gameflip have added gigs .
You can see my ratings in the profile , i have carried over 100+ ppl with 100% success ratio. I offer 2s and 3s carries aswell as extra modes such as hoops and rumble. You can see the amount of completed gigs there aswell. (on top of the ones i ve deleted)

I have the same description for every gig. If you are looking for a certain type of carry open up my profile on gameflip and see all the available carry options for yourself. Also you can ask me in the comments below i will answer asap. We can also create a custom offer.

Easiest way to communicate is to use the contact button next to my name.
XBox One
Nintendo Switch
Grand Champion
Carry + tips
I will carry you in any ranked mode you want for an hour and will give you tips as we play . Price is for 1 hour . You can buy multiple times if u want to play for longer.
30 minutes session | 1 day delivery
Indepth training
This package gives you a full training experience with me . I will show you all the little details and secrets of how to become better with daily training routines that i ve came up with watching different ppl and finding out by myself. (1hour 30min)
30 minutes session | 1 day delivery
Team Coaching
If u purchase this package u get to play scrims with grand champs . THE BEST way to improve in my opinion . We will play 2v2 for 1+ hours switching the teams every game . That way u can learn how to work around ur teammates and also try to keep up.
30 minutes session | 1 day delivery


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