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-Hello, Im grand champion in every game mode (mmr peak about 1900), have been about top 50 in solo3s and top 10 in hoops (mmr peak 1510) and Im a really experienced booster. I dont really have time to play ranked on my main account now but 1900 was my peak a few seasons ago, I dont know if i could be a higher mmr now, but this mmr peak can serve as a reference to know my skill level

- I have been carrying people since 2017 and I have enough knowledge about the game so I do coaching sessions too (ask first, sometimes I only do carrying). I can play any game mode and u can choose a special quantity of hours too. No matter what platform you are (PC, XBOX, PS4 OR NINTENDO SWITCH), and you can also request a carry to a specific rank for a special price.

- I have been also a competitive player for like 2 years, played some LAN tournaments and played on teams like Espectro eSports, Baobab Gaming, A&E eSports… but for studies I stopped competing so now Im 100% focused on working here on Gameflip. Im also good at mechanics as I have done freestyle for a long time and I usually like to hit good looking goals.

-If you need a special offer, or you have any type of question, u can click the button that says “Contact seller”. You can contact me too if u want too see some replays or goals so you can see my skill level. Im probably the most or one of the most experienced pros on this website so im sure that u will not regret buying a session with me

- (MORE ABOUT ME): My real name is Alejandro Barber and im an spanish 19 years old boy and actually studying computer engineering. I started playing Rocket League on PS4 since it went on sale on June of 2015. I changed to pc on 2018 and I stopped competing on 2019 because I started studying on the university, so now I enjoy a lot helping people to improve and reach a better rank in my free time and also its good for me to earn extra money.

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