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Can get the rank you want!! 2.1k MMR player!

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Hi! My name is Aebischer and I am a Rocket League player since 2017. I am posting this because I would like to help you improve or hit your dream rank!

⚠️ Please, before hiring, read the following ⚠️

🕜 Availability: I have time for you and I can respond your messages but I am not available 24/7, I have stuff to do IRL. Therefore, I will request you to schedule the day/hour you would like me to be available via a small ‘form’ that should be filled before hiring. All hired sessions without providing me basic information will be automatically discarded.

💰 Price: 15$ is the standard price. It is not the same to rank up in a Diamond II environment as to rank up in a GC I atmosphere. I always offer small discounts, ask for them.

📶 I am from Europe but I can play Middle East and US servers (higher latency but not a problem). If you are from further away (Oceania, South Africa, etc.) but you want me to play with you regardless higher ping, it would be perfect IF YOU do not care and you accept it.

🎮 I am a PC player but I can help you no matter what platform you play in. Cross-platform was implemented a long time ago.

❓ I encourage you to take a look at the F.A.Q down below if you find prices excessive, availability poor or just want to get a question solved.

🏆About my rank and competitive experience:

I hit GC in Season 9 and since then I have been improving. I consider myself a good player in all game modes. As for the extra modes I can also play them without any problem. You can see the pictures in where I show you my highest ranks. My average MMR is not far from that, around 2050-2100. I have +5500h.

📦 About my services:


15$ is the standard price for the following ranks: Bronze I - Champion II.

From Champion III onwards, the higher the rank, the more expensive the service:

Champion III: 16$

GC1: 17.5$

GC2: 19$

GC3: 21$

SSL: 25$

Tournament wins (white and/or pink tittle), extra modes and 'conventional rank grind’ are not included. Ask for them.

Prices displayed do vary from the prices I offer when hiring a tournament win, extra modes grind or 'conventional rank grind' (ask for it if it is not clear).

Rank rewards might not be included (depends on what you want).

📝 Fill this ‘form’ before hiring (or just type this basic information I need, I do not need you to send me an actual form):

1. Current rank:

2. Desired rank:

3. Amount of sessions:

4. Server:

5. When would you like to play?:

6. Do you want ’a ‘discount’ on the price?:

If necessary (most of the time), I will create a custom offer once we have reached an agreement.


My coaching experience began two years ago in a 1750 mmr team. Next, I spent a month with a European Main Event (RLCS level) team. Now, I provide individual coaching to one of the best Spanish players (always +TOP20 in 2s,3s leaderboards). Therefore, I believe I am more than capable to help you/your friends/team in whatever you need.

Prices displayed in 'Rank Grind' apply in coaching but only consider an individual session. Group sessions are more expensive depending on the rank, players included, among other considerations.

- You can check a few pricey transactions and their comments in my profile.

😄Basic information about me:

- I am 21

- University student (great time management, do not worry)

- Native Spanish, Advanced English.

- Serious and trustworthy person.
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