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Hi guys, I'm Ivan a competitive Rocket League player, I played in several competitive Rocket League teams and right now I'm 100% focus in working and helping you in Gameflip, currently I have more than 4500h inside the game, my peak in 3s is more than 2000 mmr, top 60 in the world in dropshot and top 100 in snowday, I'm available to help you in any mode, 1s,2s,3s and any extra game, if you are interested contact me.
📦If apart from my already published list, you are interested in making some extended pack to make any target, I make custom offers.
⏰I'm always online, I adapt to your schedule, I can play at any time you want.
💬To contact me and solve your doubts, open private message in "contact seller", I'll be waiting for you.
➡️I can play in any region (na east and eeuu are the best for me).
💯The game is multiplatform, don't be afraid if you are from another platform, we can do it on any platform.
❗️100% guaranteed,safe and reliable, contact me for more information.
⚡ Lots of experience doing this kind of work,you can see my reviews and see that I do my job very well and I'm willing to help you.
(Basic English,native spanish,Basic Portuguese).

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