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Hi guys, I'm Alyssa an ex-professional Rocket League player, now retired from competitive scene and full focus in working and helping you in Gameflip.

Currently I have more than 10,000 hours played in the game, I've played for some professional clubs at a high level and I've experience on lans (Majors as DreamHack, etc)

📦If apart from my already published list, you are interested in making some extended pack to make any target, I make custom offers.

⏰If I don't answere, I'll probably be sleeping, my timezone is CET so you can figure what time is where I am.

💬 To contact me and solve your doubts, open private message in "contact seller", I'll be waiting for you.

➡️ I can play on Europe and NA-East

💯 The game is multiplatform, don't be afraid if you are from another platform, we can do it on any platform.

❗️100% guaranteed,safe and reliable, contact me for more information.

⚡ I've been playing competitive since 2015 and doing coach and boosting levels since 2016.

I speak spanish (native) and english (fluent)
Asia SE-Mainland
Grand Champion
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