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Trusted by over 3 million gamers worldwide and proud sponsor of the ESL CSGO Pro-League, Gameflip is the premier marketplace to buy and sell gaming digital goods like CSGO skins, gift cards, Rocket League and PUBG items! Gameflip is the safest and most transparent marketplace for gamers, where all users have their own profiles and reputation score. If that wasn’t enough, our Gameflip Guarantee covers buyers and sellers on all transactions. Join Gameflip today and be a boss!

Gameflip Guarantee

Buying and selling your digital items should not be risky or complicated so when transacting on Gameflip, you will be protected by the Gameflip Guarantee. When buying, get the item you purchased or your money back! When selling, get your cash after the item is delivered! Easy, safe and free of charge! Learn more about it on our Help Center.

The FLIP (FLP) Token

FLP is the revolutionary gaming token created by Gameflip to give all gamers true ownership of their hard earned in-game items. After a hyper successful token sale, we now focus on incentivizing game developers and publishers to support FLP in their games and services, while also allowing FLP tokens to be used to buy and sell items on Gameflip. Learn more about FLIP (FLP) token.

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