8 best armors in Fallout 76: Don’t leave your vault without them!

8 best armors in Fallout 76: Don’t leave your vault without them!

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May 16, 20246 minute read

Welcome, brave survivors of Fallout 76!

As you traverse the challenging landscapes of post-nuclear West Virginia, your success hinges not just on weapons and wits, but also on the armor you wear. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 8 armors in Fallout 76, each tailored to different playstyles and stages of your journey. Whether you're a novice explorer or a seasoned veteran, these armors are your keys to survival and dominance in the game.

1. Chinese Stealth Armor - The Shadow Warrior's Suit

Fallout 76 Chinese Stealth Armor

You will be the only one to see this armor! | Source: GameRant

Ideal for the covert operator, the Chinese Stealth Armor is your ticket to becoming a ghost in the ruins. This high-tech armor provides excellent radiation resistance - going toe-to-toe with the Hazmat Suit - and a unique ability to become almost invisible when crouching.

How to Acquire: To become the ultimate shadow warrior, complete the “Invisible Ties” quest or exchange Gold Bullion with The Settlers. With a 'Neighborly' reputation, you might snag a better deal.

2. Secret Service Armor - The Ultimate Fallout 76 Armor

Fallout 76 Secret Service armor

Almost a Power Armor! In appearance, and in stats! | Source: Sportskeeda

This isn't just armor; it's a fortress you can wear. Modifiable for enhanced protection, it's a symbol of high-tech resilience in the wasteland. Being craftable in legendary flavors, from 1 to 3 stars, it's radiation resistance only loses to the Hazmat and Chinese Stealth armors. And it is, together with the Brotherhood Recon Armor (just below) the only non-power armor sets where you can modify the chest to add a Jet Pack!

How to Acquire: First of all, get the plans from Reginald Stone. Each armor piece will require a legendary module to be crafted, so be aware.

3. Brotherhood Recon Armor - The Elite Guard Gear

Fallout 76 Brotherhood Recon Armor

A piece of beauty and lethality | Source: Reddit

This armor is a testament to the Brotherhood's technological prowess, offering a balance of agility and protection. Ideal for those who engage in skirmishes often, it’s a symbol of a warrior who's always ready for battle and wants to look like an absolute killing machine.

How to Acquire: Earn this sophisticated armor's plan as a reward from Daily Ops. Remember, the mods are exclusive and valuable.

4. Strangler Heart Power Armor - The Nature's Guardian

Strangler Heart Power Armor Fallout 76

100% Natural power (please don't get too close, thanks) | Source: GameRant

Not just a Power Armor, the Strangler Heart has been touched and modified by strangler vines. Not only it defends you, but it also damages nearby enemies with Acid Damage, and also adds Acid Damage to every armed attack. Not only that, it has huge boost on Radiation Resistance if compared to it's default version, the Ultracite Power Armor.

How to Acquire: You can craft each limb of this power armor from the plans found in the Vault 94 Raid, and also buy the plans from Regs at Vault 79.

5. Robot Armor - Vengeance against anything cyber!

Fallout 76 Helmet Assaultron Robot Armor

It's the same as using your enemies' skulls! | Source: Fallout 76 Wiki

Tired of dying for Robots and want to show your meat superiority over these old tin-cans? The Robot Armor is your new Fallout companion, then. With 3 different versions (Heavy, Sturdy and Light), and even 3 different Helmets (Eyebot, Assaultron and Sentry Bot), you are going to look good using the... flesh (?) of your metal enemies.

How to Acquire: You can find the plans for the armor parts from seasonal content (2019 Holiday Gifts and ATLAS donor's provisions); from the containers in the Savage Divide, Cranberry Bog, Ash Heap, and the Mire. You can also buy it from Purveyor Murmrgh or from the Brotherhood of Steel!

6. Urban Scout Armor - The City Survivor's Shield

Urban Scout Armor Fallout 76

Almost a cyber-ninja, but better! | Source: X.com (@jwilliamstarr)

When the urban jungle calls, the Urban Scout Armor answers. It’s a sleek yet robust shield for the mid to late-game survivor, perfect for navigating the dangers of abandoned cities. With masks and underarmors, and Mods that will take it to the next level, the Urban Scout Armor (and it's forest cousin) is an amazing choice for you!

How to Acquire: The parts can be bought at the MODUS production terminal in the Whitespring bunker. And sometimes you can find the parts as rewards for Enclave quests and events.

7. Botsmith Armor - The Techie's Treasure

Bloody Bolstering Botsmith Build Fallout 76

The amazing Bloody Bolstering Botsmith Build, by YeetoMojito | Source: Reddit - Fallout 76

Unique and versatile, the Botsmith Armor is a product of innovation and ingenuity. Ideal for those who prefer a blend of tech and protection, it stands out in both form and function! With legendary effects, and being able to be traded for legendary scrip at the Legendary Exchange Machine, this one looks like the Robot Armor, but it's even more stats!

How to Acquire: Prove your mettle in the "Test Your Metal" event to claim this exceptional armor, a trophy for both its style and practicality.

8. Excavator Power Armor - Let's Bring it All Home. It. All.

Excavator Power Armor Fallout 76

Are you sure those were made with "excavation" in mind? | Source: GameRant

Do you ever feel conflicted on what to carry on your inventory every time? Do you wish to have a way of carrying even more items? Well, here's your new Armor. This puppy will give you +100 Carry Weight limit, and a x4 Ore Mining bonus. And not only that, you also have to take in consideration that it is a POWER ARMOR.

How to Acquire: You have to download the schematics from a computer at the Garrahan Mining Headquarters R&D section, or buy from vendor bot Greg (Grafton), vendor bot Chad (Camden Park) or the Responders vendor (The Whitespring Resort).

Your journey in Fallout 76 is as much about survival as it is about exploration and combat. These top 8 armors provide the protection and style you need to thrive in the wasteland. Remember, the right armor suits your playstyle and adapts to your adventures. Stay armored, stay prepared, and let your journey in the wasteland be as epic as your gear!

And when you're ready to upgrade or expand your arsenal, don't forget to visit Gameflip for the best deals on Fallout 76 armors and more. Until next time, keep exploring, keep fighting, and keep surviving!

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